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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

CPG provides two types of Dryers depending upon application. These are multistage & single stage Dryers. Dryer is used for drying materials with a certain humidity or granularity for grinding of ores, building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry. CPG offers Rotary Dryers for wide variety of applications like slag rotary dryer and building material rotary dryer depending upon moisture content.


  • Our enhanced flight design ensures better cascading action and avoids large clusters of material falling during flight and hence better heat transfer.
  • Handle high feed moisture
  • Volumetric filling is about 10-15% ensures better efficiency.
  • Depending upon material to be processed, option for co-current and counter current flow is available.

Fuel Options

We can give dryer with hot air generator that can be used with almost all types of fuels including alternative fuels such as

  • Petrofuels
  • LPG
  • Natural gas
  • Rice husk
  • Agricultural waste briquettes and pallets
  • Diesel
  • Furnace oil
  • Coal and coke
  • Wood

Working of Dryer

The Rotary Dryer is a continuously operated direct contact Dryer consisting of a slowly revolving cylindrical shell that is typically inclined to the horizontal a few degrees. The wet material is dried with the help of hot gases that may be generated in an external furnace or by any available source. Wet feed is introduced into the upper end of the Dryer and the feed progresses through it by virtue of rotation, head effect, and slope of the shell and dried product with drawn at the lower end. The direction of gas flow through the cylinder is dictated mainly by the properties of the processed material which may be Co-Current or Counter-Current.

Selection of Dryer

The choice of the best type of Dryer to use for a particular application is generally dictated by the following factors:
  • The nature of the product, both physical and chemical;
  • The value of the product;
  • The scale of production;
  • The available fuel
  • The product quality consideration;
  • The nature of the solid, (flammability, dust explosion hazard, toxicity).
  • Slag Dryer supplied to Jagdamba Cement, Nepal Slag Dryer supplied to Jagdamba Cement, Nepal
  • Clay Dryer supplied to RNB Cement, Shillong Clay Dryer supplied to RNB Cement, Shillong
  • Hot Gas Generator and Dryer Assembly Hot Gas Generator and Dryer Assembly
  • Drive Mechanism Drive Mechanism


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